About Digit Keeper

Digit Keeper is the result of countless ideas, questions, and beliefs that all revolve around one thing: helping people. We started with our founder’s thirty-five years of financial experience and expertise, and shaped it into a digital bookkeeping service designed to help small business owners succeed.

We want to transform bookkeeping from a necessary evil into one of your greatest business assets. We provide full-service bookkeeping to help you make sense of your finances–to know how, where, and with whom your money is being earned and spent. And in addition to having confidence in your books, you’ll have more time to spend with your customers. After all, a good business is about serving others, isn’t it? We think so too.

Our blog shares financial tips and advice, demystifies complex bookkeeping topics, and celebrates the achievements and success of our clients. If it’s your first time visiting, we recommend starting with our post on Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. And if you want to start working with us, get in touch.